What’s All This About Registry Cleaners?

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The computers using windows have a huge structured database that stores a variety of configurations for the operating system called the Windows Registry. It consists of all the settings for the various low-level computer devices, such as COM components, it also contains the information important to run various applications on the computer. The registry of the computer is also used to store different counters used for profiling system performance. When we install software on the computer, the system makes entries in the registry, for that application. And in future when the software application is loaded or run on the system, the registry is used to get the configuration settings and options for the software application.

Why do we need registry cleaners?

Good registry cleaning softwares use advance algorithms to detect missing and invalid references in the Windows registry and delete them.

If a program is not installed properly, you may require removing invalid entries manually from the registry to ensure that the system will work properly in future. Otherwise, the system will generate dramatic error messages and may not perform at the optimized level. Windows normally contains a default registry editor called “regedit” for editing the registry manually but this editor is not that user-friendly and a beginner might not be able to remove all associated keys properly.


Malware, spyware, and shareware are the software which could not be uninstalled properly unless the registry entries are properly removed. So, for the purpose to clean up your system registry, you may require registry cleaning software.

System Performance

The third and the most important reason to use registry cleaning software is to improve system performance. The registry cleaning software deletes the entries that are no longer in use and helps in increasing the performance of the system.

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